AutoCAD and how we eat it…

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cad     The first meeting with AutoCAD begins when the student gets stack in his room with poor lighting having to produce a bunch of drawing for the next week.    

      It comes with a feeling of anger and protest against old fashion.     

    The first some lines are quite bizarre and the feeling is that they do not listen (when drawing in 3d space) but a few more steps and our student switches to a 2d model layout where lines suddenly get their position.   

      A major finding for him is the f8 button which by default makes all the lines perfectly straight –wow, there is no need in a ruler!      

      That is good, but how does our student make the lines connect to each other – moving them around he accidently finds out a big button f5 which, once pressed, offers to his choice a wonderful set of triangles, rectangles, hourglasses and circles that are smart enough to predict his thoughts !!! That is the snap button, yeah, we used to love Snap ;) this alone makes all this week so full of free time but this is nothing now, he got THIS! A great toolkit that works in a dark room and is easy to operate in the night, when all the mates with all the noise are gone sleeping, with a light relaxing music in headphones it becomes

 a heaven for interest.     

     Aside the possibility to snap his glowing mind finds something which we all love in computers – copy button,  a little smart option that follows his mouse pointer to make a stamp of the object he has just drawn and selected at his will.  

      It is 00.35 and our student is ready to jump on the bed from the excitement – he just found the trim and extend button, can you imagine that – you just draw some parallel vertical and horizontal lines and these two wonderful functions  render it into a parallelogram! At this point the artistic nature of our student can express itself – just throw some lines on the space and trim them and extend them at your will!      

     Thus, all the night was spent in findings and breakthroughs that made you student happy, and sure, more content and more powerful; even the poor light turned into an advantage!